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Forgive Me & Let's start over


My past relationships left my heart broken and sore and unable to love until i met you we started off as friends and it grew into a deeper love that i will always cherish. I got scared and pushed you further and further away and blamed it on the little things. I thought i had found the person i wanted to marry but it didnt work because he's just not you. I found myself comparing him to you in many ways some are to explicit to say. I feel like I take you for granted and that i shoudnt do I shouldve never let other people come between us I shouldve followed my heart. I never really gave you a chance or the time of day to show me what a good man you could be i pushed you away to be with someone who could never make me feel the way you did. You made feel beautiful inside and out you made feel like a princess on days i felt like crap i got butterflies each time you called but most important you gave me time to heal you never rushed me into anything you told me you would always be there if I ever needed you and kept your word anytime i was lonely or just needed to talk u were there it kills me that i wasnt there when u got hurt but if you give me a chance i will make it up to u im trying to say im sorry for everything i did and didnt do for u but if u accept my apology i would really like to start over and be more than friends.

Poet: shae
Copyright © 2010 shae

read: 3707 times Rating: Date: 16 July, 2010

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